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Services Offered:

In addition to our stampings and finished goods, Snow Findings offers the following services.



Snow Findings Company is equipped to handle linking jobs of any scale. Standard links are available in numerous sizes using .025", .030", .036" and .040" wire in brass and nickel. Additionally we offer a unique "double roll" link in four different sizes using  .025x.055, .025x.075, or .025x.090 wire. Whether you simply need charms attached to a bangle, or a unique sequence of pieces linked into a chain, Snow Findings can do it for you quickly and affordably.

Stone Setting


Using both foot presses and automated presses, Snow Findings can set your stones into any of our settings, or settings sourced elsewhere.  We have tooling for most any popular industry size, and can create tooling for anything we might not have.  

Custom Products and Tooling


With all of our tooling work being done in-house, it's easy for Snow Findings to tailor any of our existing products to suit your needs. For any unique or custom products you might need, we can create new tooling to bring your concepts to reality.

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